John 14:27

This Christian journey never ceases to amaze me. Through joys and challenges, I continually see evidence of God. In certain circumstances, I may not recognize God’s presence right away, but I’ve learned to trust that God is there.

The year of 2020 was a real test of the lessons I learned. The public witness of Black bodies being killed unjustly, the treatment and often unbalanced public narrative of demonstrators calling for justice, and the rise of emboldened white supremacist groups created a climate of anxiety and uncertainty.

Unlike the coronavirus, incidents of police brutality, racism, and white supremacy are not new to our country or world. Watching what has been hidden for so long become public and still seeing no justice was painful. I was overcome by the growing cases of Black men, women, and children being killed unjustly. I was discouraged by how 911 phone calls were used to victimize Black people. As an African American woman, living through 2020 was overwhelming. I had to utilize everything that I learned from past faith crises.

Christ tells us in John 14:26-27 that we have an Advocate, the Holy Spirit, who teaches us everything and reminds us of Christ’s words. Instead of turning from God, we need to turn towards the Lord when doubt and hopelessness creep up and knock at our door. The peace we long for comes from Christ alone.


When doubt and hopelessness knock at your door, how do you turn them over to God?


Lord, when we struggle with uncertainty and painful situations, teach us what we need to know and grant us your peace. Amen.

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