Mark 8:27-30

Sometimes our most important conversations happen on the road. 

Jesus and the disciples are walking to Caesarea Philippi when he asks, Who do people say that I am? (v. 27). Maybe Jesus is simply gathering the latest information, checking the opinion polls while they pass another mile marker. Don’t we check the news after driving for a while? Some of the disciples respond like reporters, while others sound like eager students trying to impress the teacher with their answers. 

Then Jesus asks a more personal question that requires more than hearsay: But who do you say that I am? (v. 29). 

Scripture contains this conversation in four short verses, but how much time did those verses contain? Was there a lengthy silence before Peter’s response? Did more discussion occur before the definitive You are the Messiah (v. 29)? 

What do we say about the Christ we follow? Do we talk about the subject of our faith when we’re traveling with friends? Do we stay silent because our experience seems dated? If conversation about Christ does come up, are we surprised, or even speechless? 

We are on the road to Christmas, and we’re invited to have an important conversation along the way. We’re also invited to draw near to God in new ways and experience a Presence that we will want to talk about. 

Who do you say that I am? asks the One whose birth we await.

 How will we respond?


Describe who Jesus is to you.


God, may you give me the words I need to share what you mean to me. Amen.

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