Psalm 104:16-35

A Psalm for People Who Don’t Care for Nature

God, our God, how great you are!
God of all creation, gorgeous and glorious,
You dress up the world in sunshine,
open the clouds and pour out rain,
push the wind around the world
as you hold the earth in place.
Your creation is too stunning,
too spectacular to be overlooked.
So I’m sorry.
I don’t watch waves.
I don’t lie in grass.
I don’t sleep under stars.
I don’t sing with robins.
I don’t cry when I see magnolias.
I don’t name the squirrels.
I don’t nurse broken-winged blue jays back to health.
But then again, I like walking around the block.
I like it when it rains on the flowers outside grocery stores.
I like looking out the window at other people’s puppies.
I should pay more attention.
Thanks for the sun and the moon,
trees, animals, clouds, and rivers.
I’ll try not to miss so much.
Hallelujah. Amen.


How do you overlook the gifts God wants you to see? What could you do about that?


God, teach me that paying attention to what you make draws us closer. Amen.

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