Luke 7:18-23

The vision of our future that we form in our youth can change
radically as we live out our years. Few visions stay completely intact.
When was the last time you revised the script of your life? The
impact of failure, unexpected challenges, the painful reality of loss,
and discovering new interests and relationships all have potential to
reshape our view of what lies ahead. What once seemed clear grows

John the Baptist is in prison, far removed from his experiences
of preaching to crowds and baptizing the one he proclaimed to be
the promised Messiah. The spotlight of public attention now shines
on Jesus. News of his bold preaching and dramatic acts of healing
reaches John, but Jesus doesn’t follow the messianic script John
expected. Jesus seems more committed to the role of a compassionate
servant than that of a conquering king. John needs reassurance that
Jesus is the Messiah. “Are you really the one who will deliver us,” he
asks through his disciples, “or have I made a big mistake?”

Jesus responds to John’s query with snapshots that show how he uses his power in the service of love. He challenges John’s disciples to “go and tell John” what they have seen of Jesus’ ministry (v. 22). Their witness will be crucial as John reassesses his understanding of who Jesus is.

Life repeatedly forces us to rethink how God is present in our
story and what difference God is making in us. In each changing
circumstance, we seek to experience the enduring grace that is often
disguised in unexpected ways and unlikely places. Trusting that God
is at work in us, our task is to develop eyes to see and voices to tell.


What events in your experience have reshaped your vision for your future? What helps you look to the future with hope?


God, our help in the past and our hope for the future, assure us that while we can’t know the future, we can trust your guiding presence. Amen.

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