John 12:44-50

I have a friend who sees people well. He owns a downtown gift shop
in our city. From his storefront window, he sees quite a parade of
people. This setup is perfect for my extroverted friend; he gets to
connect with lawyers, restaurant owners, tourists, and neighbors
from the apartments across the street. When we pop into his store,
he nearly leaps across the aisle to give us each a big hug. He often
spends time chatting with homeless neighbors. When Scott sees
you, he looks in your eyes and listens. He learns your name and your

This kind of seeing is a gift in our world. Scott’s gifts come alive
most beautifully in a support group he organized for marginalized
youth in our community. Scott and other leaders let these teenagers
know that they are loved. That’s the whole aim. Through bowling,
decorating pumpkins, and picnics these students learn that they are

When I hear Jesus say, “The one who sees me sees the one who sent me” (v. 45, ISV), I think about the power of being seen. I know that truly seeing our neighbors means recognizing their beautiful humanity and remembering the image of God in each of them. The judgment and rejection named in this scripture are far from what Jesus calls us to do. How can we become the people who learn to see Jesus all around us?


Is it easier to believe in Jesus than to see Jesus in our daily encounters? How can we see people well in our daily experiences?


God who sends the light into our world, give us eyes to see where that light points us. May we see our neighbors as those you love. Amen.

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