John 1:14-18

From seeds and yeast to mountains and glaciers,
God has covered the earth in God’s character,
built the divine way of mercy, love, and resurrection
into everything, including us.

The Word became flesh and made his home among us
full of grace and truth.
Out of his fullness we have all received grace upon grace.

Trust that Grace is at work in you.
You are already good, already supported, already belong.

Trust that God is working
even if we can’t emotionally, physically, or mentally engage.
Let go like a mustard seed and rest in God. 
Let our lives echo God’s affirmation and witness resurrection. 

We will hear the stories of God’s people: 
Jacob in Genesis, Melissa in the homeless shelter.
We will see abundance and hope,
even when evidence seems stacked against it.
We will let God’s love wash over us 
and share that embrace with everyone.

We will be nourished by God’s promise.
Listen to God’s call, respond with all we are.
Grace upon grace.


What part of you yearns for grace upon grace? Putting your trust in God, pay closer, loving attention to that part of you today.


God, thank you for covering me with grace upon grace. Amen.

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