Mark 12:28-31

My natural state is to be more of a human “being” than a human “doing,” and I’ve enjoyed indulging that in retirement. On a recent Sunday, though, I found myself frantic with busyness, trying to do everything. I read the chapter in the book for Sunday school and joined the discussion; I cooked for the potluck after church; I sang in the choir; I helped wash the dishes after the potluck. I was trying hard to love God with all my passion and prayer and intelligence and energy (v. 30, The Message).

It was a good thing that I was immersed in this week’s writing assignment on that Sunday because it would’ve been so easy to forget about love. While helping clean up, I stepped into my husband’s study to leave my dish there. A friend sat alone on the couch, crying. A wet dishtowel was still in my hand. I had an easy excuse to slip back out, but the Love chapter of 1 Corinthians and Jesus’ Great Commandment compelled me to stop, give her a hug, and offer some words of encouragement. Then, just when I thought I had surely earned my afternoon nap, it became apparent that I was the only person available to go out on the playground with our associate pastor’s five-year-old son while she was in a meeting. I sat on a bench while he climbed on the monkey bars, and we had a delightful conversation about how he loves kindergarten and knows what 30+30 equals. Rather than being drained, the time was energizing. Sometimes trying to give all we’ve got to love God and God’s people is just exhausting. Other times, we’re reminded that love never ends.


When did you have an opportunity to share God’s love this week? What helps you experience the energy of God’s never-ending love?


Generous God, as we give of ourselves, help us recognize that your renewing love is present with us. Amen.

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