Psalm 117

In her children’s book The List of Things That Will Not Change, Rebecca Stead tells the story of what happens to Bea when her parents divorce. When this event rocks her stable life, it causes Bea’s family to look for ways to comfort Bea and each other. Their quest leads them to make a list of things that will not change, like her parents’ love for their child. 

After I heard this book reviewed on NPR, it struck me that those of us who are part of God’s Church need a list like this right now. During these days of great volatility and disruption, many of us feel overwhelmed. Being reminded of the things on which we can stand while the world is rocking is a help and a comfort. 

Psalm 117 reminds us that God’s steadfast love and faithfulness does not change. What else do we know deep in our spiritual bones that does not change when it comes to following Jesus together? Here’s my short list: 

Identity. We know who we are. We are disciples of Jesus.

Companions. We are not alone. We are church together.

Mission. We know our calling. We partner with God toward bringing the kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.

These things do not change. They keep us grounded in God’s steadfast love and faithfulness. Thanks be to God! 


What’s on your list of things that will not change? Consider writing one and sharing it with a trusted companion. 


God, your steadfast love and faithfulness endure from generation to generation. Help us to stand on that sure foundation, whatever occurs. Amen.

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