Luke 24:30-32

I must admit that I sometimes use this story to make me feel better about myself. How in the world did these two not know they were traveling with Jesus? I tell myself that if this happened to me, of course I would know it was Christ. But in reality, I would probably be as clueless as these two. Perhaps I would spend hours listening to him talk and only realize at the last second that I’d spent the day with Jesus Christ. Then I’d look back and question how I could miss the obvious, just as our two clueless friends in this story must have done. 

The two disciples on the road to Emmaus feel their hearts burning as they listen to the resurrected Christ speak words of Scripture. When King Josiah heard words of Scripture, he was also profoundly moved. The psalmist found God’s word to be their guiding force and light in life (119:105). 

The Bible is not just any story. It’s our story. In Scripture we find a love story between our Creator God and humankind. In Scripture we read of God’s interaction with humanity and learn how we can be in relationship with God. The Bible is the foundation of our faith. While we might not weep and tear our clothes when we hear it as Josiah does, and though we may not feel our hearts burning as the two from Emmaus do when Jesus leads them in a mobile Bible study, God continues to speak to us through God’s word. May we never stop seeking and listening to what God wants to tell us. 


What is your favorite passage of Scripture? What do these verses reveal about God?


Loving God, thank you for your word and all the ways it reveals your love for us. Amen.

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