Psalm 145:1-3a

I am a product of my father, whose love for early 1990s Christian music is strong. As I read this psalm, I erupted into song—specifically the Chris Rice tune “Hallelujahs,” that goes something like this:

“A purple sky to close the day / I wade the surf where dolphins play / The taste of salt, the dance of waves / And my soul wells up with hallelujahs / A lightning flash, my pounding heart / A breaching whale, a shooting star / Give testimony that You are / And my soul wells up with hallelujahs”

The psalmist might have joined me. For, indeed, Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised (v. 3a). 

How exactly do we sing our praise and well up with hallelujahs? I think this involves opening our minds to believe that even the smallest moments of our lives can become an opportunity to voice our wonder and offer thanks to God. 

Moments of hallelujahs in my life look like Saturday night dinner and a movie, complete with the aroma of oven baked vegan pizza, and dancing with my daughters at the end of beloved musicals. They are the crispness of air that announces fall’s arrival all at once. Chai tea with pumpkin, the building anticipation of the impending holiday season, making any kind of list, especially if it’s color coordinated. I have hallelujahs for the return of mom jeans to the fashion world–which make a high waisted girl look goooood. I love watching my girls do things they love: wand duels, building forts, dancing, swimming and even LEGO play. 

Even our smallest moments can hold an hallelujah. 


Make a list of the hallelujahs your life is singing today. Know that you are indeed praising God in all of these things.


To you, oh God, I give praise for all the ways your love makes its way into this world daily. Help me sing hallelujahs as each new day unfolds. Amen.

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