Mark 9:2-4

What has been the greatest spiritual experience of your life? Where did it occur? Who was there? How did God speak to you through it? 

Several experiences immediately stand out in my memory. When I was 10 years old, my church group was sitting around a campfire at summer camp hearing the salvation story when I felt an irresistible urge to follow Christ. A similar experience occurred years later. In an incredibly moving worship service, my husband and I were appointed to be missionaries to the African country of Zambia. Those indelible memories, God willing, will endure throughout my lifetime.

Surely the transfiguration was an experience that Peter, James, and John would carry in their hearts and minds forever. In these verses the disciples literally see Jesus in a new light, transfigured and appearing with the legendary figures of their faith, Elijah and Moses. 

Surely the disciples’ relationship with Jesus breaks new ground. After an exhausting road trip when one of the crowds had been especially challenging, did the disciples sit around a campfire and retell the story of what they saw and felt that day on the mountain?

God knows that we need moments that offer light on the long road of discipleship. Glimpses of what is holy, those encouraging revelations that leave us with awe and insight, are God’s gifts for our journey.


What holy moments in your life have been God’s gifts for your journey?


Holy God, thank you for giving us glimpses of your grace and goodness. May such experiences light our way and draw us nearer to you. May we live the holy life you offer us. Amen.

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