John 1:29-34

In response to questions about his life choices, John the Baptist testifies to what he knows of Jesus. He calls Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and the Son of God (vv. 29, 34). 

Like John, I sometimes try to find the words to describe my experience with Jesus. Over time, I’ve fashioned several brief sentences toward that end. One of my favorites goes as follows: “Jesus is enough.”

In Jesus I find all I need to know about God. Jesus reveals that God is humble, self-sacrificial, and loving. Through the words and deeds of Jesus I discover a God who loves all kinds of people, seeks them out, and welcomes them into God’s presence. 

When I focus on Jesus, I realize God sees others and even me as God’s beloved child.

Jesus shows me what life looks like when I trust God enough to live like a child of God. The more I embrace such an identity, the more I turn loose of undue fears, engrained prejudices, and self-serving habits. I feel freer to risk loving those who think themselves my enemies. While never sought, suffering for the sake of others becomes an option in my daily life. I take the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount as my game plan for real life. And I dare to follow the lead of Jesus, even into death and what lies beyond death.

This is my testimony: When I am at my best, I live as if Jesus is enough.


If you wrote a one sentence testimony about your experience of Jesus, what would you write? Why?


Lord, help me live with the faith that knows you are enough. Amen.

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