Exodus 11:1-10

My wonders may be multiplied” (v. 9).

Faith doesn’t need optimal conditions to thrive. In fact, Scripture tells the continuing story of God growing faith in people as they endure hardships, slavery, persecution, and harrowing circumstances. In a treacherous situation, God gives the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians (v. 2) so that the Hebrews will be able to leave the land with objects of silver and gold, and dogs won’t even growl at them as they go. God is forever at work in ways both visible and unseen to multiply God’s wonders.

In the Gospels, Jesus tells Christ’s church that the kingdom will rise like hidden yeast. He assures a tortured church that even when a field has ground too hard to plant, soil too shallow to sustain roots, and thorny patches that choke any growth, God is at work cultivating soil so rich that its fruit will exceed a farmer’s dreams. As Jesus uses a boy’s shared lunch to feed a multitude, God delights in taking tiny seeds of faith and seeing what they can become.

We need this reminder that God is always working to multiply wonders. Embracing such a truth will alter our perspective and our prayers. We realize that there is no situation in which God is not making a way for us, even as we question how that can be. Even as we struggle, God’s work is underway, creating something new. Even when it appears that nothing is happening, God’s change is forever afoot. 


Picture God trying to multiply wonders around us today. What happens when we shift our focus from what isn’t wonderful right now to what God is doing that we have yet to see?


God, help us to believe in more than what meets the eye. Grow our trust in the ways you are at work, multiplying wonders all around us. Amen.

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