2 Corinthians 4:16-18

I recently took a walk while traveling and found myself lost. When I say lost, I mean that I had no phone or water with me and couldn’t make sense of my whereabouts. I felt completely turned around and upside down. I kept following a path, but I sensed that I wasn’t making a circle or heading back to where I’d begun. 

In a desperate moment, I left the trail to forge my own way. When I encountered a barricade that stretched across my newfound path and read “No Trespassing,” I felt completely lost. 

As I walked, I kept hoping to make sense of where I was or at least find someone to guide me. An hour and a half later I finally made it to a road where I could ask for directions. My determination kept me from losing heart. 

Paul writes the Corinthians to urge this church that he loves to not lose heart. The congregation is arguing about where they are headed, and everyone seems to point in a different direction. 

We can feel lost so often. 

When our path is unfamiliar or full of obstacles, moving forward is challenging. It’s hard to know which way to go or where to turn. Uncertainty may lead us to stop completely. It’s all too easy to reflect on the worries of today and overlook the One who travels with us to show us the way. 

We have a Guide who will not leave us, who offers us a steadfast spirit of hope. As we walk through this day, God is our path. Both now and in the world to come. 


Reflect on a time when you felt lost. How did you find your way? Who helped you?


Ever-present God, thank you for walking with me and being my guide so that I don’t lose heart. Amen.

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