Isaiah 35:1-10

It is no secret that the past few years have been one of the most challenging periods in recent history. On a national level, we have experienced unprecedented challenges with a worldwide pandemic, political unrest, natural disasters, and seemingly endless controversy. On a personal level, we still struggle with the age-old, everyday experience of being human: heartbreak, finances, career choices, parenthood, aging, illness, relationships. The list goes on and on. Each new day brings a new struggle until one day we realize we are wandering in a vast wilderness with no relief in sight. We wander. We wander some more. We plan and pray and search, wondering if even our oases are mirages. 

In this world of complexity and pain, so many of us are both desperate and hopeful. We seek meaning in our wandering, hoping to stumble upon a glimpse of God. We wander like our ancient ancestors, looking for our version of Zion, desperate to return
to God. 

Scripture reminds us that yes, indeed, there are paths through deserts and dry lands. Even in the midst of our deepest wilderness, there is a path that is holy. This path, the Holy Way
(v. 8), is not disturbed by our plans, our mistakes, our hubris, or our humanity. Isaiah 35 reminds us that even in our wandering, we are never far from God. God shows up along our way. God brings us safely through the desert. We can go forward with confidence in the knowledge that God will bring us safely home.


What does the Holy Way in the wilderness look like in my life? How do I know if I am traveling on God’s path?


God, show us your path in the midst of our challenges. Help us to feel your presence. Help us to walk alongside others and let your light guide our way. Amen.

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