Luke 2:1-7

Jesus’ timetable is often different than our own. He comes to us when the time is right; not convenient, not always ideal, but right.

I remember the day I went into labor with my youngest child. It had been a difficult week. I was sitting poolside at my oldest daughter’s swim practice when that first familiar pain came on. It wasn’t really a surprise. I was already three days past my due date, yet there was so much left to do. Preparations both emotional and physical. But ready or not….

Life was outrageous for Mary and Joseph. A census registration? In her ninth month of pregnancy? Really? They were already dealing with a lot for a young couple. This miracle of God that was at work in them, while a great blessing on their lives, surely made them the target of public shame, chatter, and exclusion. Now they needed to make a physically difficult journey at the worst possible time. I doubt they felt ready for all that was ahead of them. But ready or not….

This is the Sunday before Christmas. If you hadn’t yet realized that, I’m sorry. By now the math is probably not working in your favor to carve out time for all of the tasks still to be done. The gift for the bus driver. Cookies for the neighbors. Calling your aunt to patch things up before the family gathers. Things that, weeks ago as they formulated in your imagination, seemed like the ingredients for the perfect Christmas. If only Jesus could hold off for just a couple more days. But ready or not….

While they were there, the time came for her to deliver her child (v. 6). Jesus’ timing in our lives is always perfect, whether we’re ready or not.


What is Jesus calling you to do that you keep putting off until you are “ready”?


God, your timing is so much better than ours. Help us to let go of our expectations and our need to control so that we may trust in your perfect presence in this moment. Amen.

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