Ezekiel 37:1-3

There were days in February of 2020 that I wondered if I could keep up with all that was being asked of me. My prayers became pretty desperate. I asked for some way to somehow take a deep breath. I wanted to exhale and feel like I could choose or control the pace of my life. I prayed, Can I keep on living like this?

Oh Lord God, you know.

Enter March of 2020 when a global pandemic brought everything in the world to a grand stop. Systems all over came crashing down. Schools closed. Food became harder to access, especially for many school children. Work from home, live at home, play at home, school at home became our reality. Fear and hatred reigned. Humans were continually put up as collateral to fight political battles, to slowly become bones in a dry valley. It was not the way I imagined taking a deep breath, but indeed my need for space and a change of pace
was met.

Oh Lord God, you know.

And there we were, down in the valley—dry bones all around. What a desolate and dry place. We don’t generally go to such a place looking for life. That is, until we are catapulted off of the cliff into places that we could never imagine. When we suddenly recognize the thirst we didn’t know we had, when the pain we see around us reminds us of the life we long for, we hear the question, “Mortal, can these bones live?” (v. 3).

Oh Lord God, you know.


When do you find yourself longing for new life?


God, even in faith’s valleys, grant us eyes to see the life that still blooms all around us. Help us know what we truly thirst for. Help us know in the lowly places that you are here. Amen.

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