John 9:1-12

I love the weight loss commercials that come on television in the middle of the night. Whether they are trying to sell a pill or an exercise program or a belt that miraculously jiggles off the pounds for only $19.95 per month (if you act quickly), the ads always include split screen before and after pictures of individuals who have lost a ridiculous amount of weight using this product. These individuals are almost unrecognizable in their transformation. The skeptic in me squints to see every detail in the pictures, examining them closely to see if they really are two photos of the same person.

After Jesus heals the blind man, his neighbors debate with one another whether this is actually the same man who used to sit amongst them and beg. He has to insist, “Hey, it’s me,” I am the man (v. 9) before they believe.

Transformation involves more than a physical condition. When a blind person receives sight their whole world changes, but their appearance typically doesn’t. And yet something about this man is so different now that his neighbors question his identity. Does the man have a new expression about him now? Does he feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted and his entire demeanor appears lighter for it? Or does the touch of Jesus simply leave a change that you cannot explain or describe, but is undeniable when you see it?


Where has that touch of Jesus brought transformation in your life? Where do you long for such transformation the most?


God, I long for your transformation from the inside out. May the mark of your touch on my life be unmistakable to those around me. Amen.

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