John 1:29-42

“If you see something, say something.” In our time of anxiety and
social unrest, this frequent instruction challenges us to stay alert to
any suspicious or clearly dangerous activity around us. It calls us
to be responsible citizens, good stewards of what we see and hear.
It also reminds us of the significant difference individuals make by
simply reporting what they witness. Think of the ever-present cell
phone cameras that instantly record accidents or expose incidents of
injustice. Think of the courage many people show by simply refusing
to be silent and saying what they have seen. Think of the difference
that key witnesses make in righting a wrong. We cannot underesti-
mate the power of an authentic personal testimony.

The biblical passages for our reflection this week focus on what
happens when people say what they see. When those who search
diligently for meaning and hope finally find what they were looking
for, they cannot keep that news to themselves. They want to share the
experience. As a result, new community forms, their faith deepens,
and their mission expands.

The stories of Jesus’ first disciples are case studies in effective
personal testimony. The disciples discover something new in Jesus’
words and actions and respond enthusiastically to his message. They
“say something” about their life-changing encounter with Jesus,
sharing the good news with others. In a remarkably short time, many
join them, and the Jesus movement begins to thrive. In what ways has
sharing what you have witnessed been essential to your faith?


Perhaps your own faith story reflects the influence of people who could not keep their discovery of new life in Christ to themselves. Who were those whose shared faith experience has shaped your own?


God, open my eyes to see the evidence of your work in the world. Open my mouth to say what I see. Amen.

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