Isaiah 65:17-25 

My parents were quite artistic. Mom said Dad married her for her red sable paint brushes. Sadly, my work in high school art class produced muddy-looking paintings, a lumpy clay jar, and a few so-so sketches. Despite my lack of talent, I still enjoyed working the clay and mixing paint colors. Since then, I’ve discovered a gift for photography. Taking photos that show the beautiful creativity of God in nature is a joy for me.

Those who say that they are not creative need to reframe their definition of creativity. Being made in the Creator’s image not only endows all of God’s people with a capacity to create, it also invites them to know the inherent joy of participating with God in the creative process. When we limit creativity to the ability to excel in a few particular art forms, we miss the joy that awaits us in a wide variety of creative acts. There is an art to our friendships, to forming order out of all kinds of chaos, to knowing the right moment to offer help. There is joy to be found in creating our lives with God.

Isaiah proclaims that God is about to create new heavens and a new earth; the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind (v. 17). The two verses that follow this proclamation include five words that describe what we can experience or feel as a result of God’s creative acts: glad, rejoice, joy, rejoice, and delight. The prophet’s message provides a hopeful vision for the Hebrew people in exile. Because the Creator finds joy in redeeming Creation, God will enable the people God loves to also know the joy of creating. By growing a rich variety of gifts within us, God invites us to discover these gifts and use them to share the joy of God’s redeeming love.


How will you use whatever ability or talents you have to share God’s joy today? 


Creative God, show me how to use my abilities, whether large or mundane, to introduce the joy of your love to those who long for it. Through Christ we pray. Amen.

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