Acts 2:1-4

Feel the wind rushing through the house,
changing, cleaning up, wrapping around us
to fill the spaces between.
Jesus’ promise is coming.
We know it.

See the flames overhead.
Red, orange, yellow, intense blue.
Is there one over me? There is one over you.
I cannot understand your words, 
but I recognize that you are speaking his name. 

When he died, my world died with him—
plans, promises, shared dreams.
I didn’t want to say so, 
but I’ve been so afraid.
Unsure what we would do.

I needed this day—to feel his Spirit again.
To see this light on me, on you, 
this mark that we are still his.
To receive his promised help but not in the way we expected. 
That is just so Jesus.


When have you felt the Spirit’s rushing wind, heard Christ in unfamiliar words, and known God’s promised help in an unexpected way?


Living God, live in me. Remind me that I am special to you. I am loved by you. I am called to do your work in the world. Amen.

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