Mark 12:28-31

As Jesus enters Jerusalem for the last time, the religious leaders question him again. But one scribe who hears the dispute [comes] near to Jesus. Something within him stirs, and he finds himself looking for a dialogue rather than an argument. He diverts from wherever he was planning to go, draws closer to Jesus, and engages him in conversation.

Shouldn’t we draw closer to Christ whenever we desire conversation rather than argument? God sends Jesus into the world to be near us, to engage us in a crucial discussion. We always have the choice of drawing near for dialogue with God or continuing on our path.

By coming closer, the scribe engages Jesus in a way that leads the man to a greater understanding of how he needs to live. Christ is open to our questions and ready for crucial conversation. Seeking honest dialogue in prayer will lead us to greater revelation. Recognizing how much we have to learn deepens our relationship with God. This kind of prayer is essential to our spiritual growth. 

Jesus’ response to the scribe after their dialogue encourages us. You are not far from the kingdom of God, Jesus tells him (v. 34). When we move closer to Jesus, we are not far from God’s kingdom. As you dialogue with Christ this week, take note of whatever wisdom you gain. In doing so, you are not far from the kingdom of God.


Think of a specific time when you know you came near to Jesus. What wisdom did you gain? How could you devote yourself to experiencing that kind of prayer again?


God, help us draw closer to you so we can have the conversation we need. And help us recognize that you have come near to us because your kingdom is all around us. Amen.

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