Luke 19:29-35

Here’s this young donkey, tied with no apparent purpose, standing in the village each day just waiting to be called, waiting to be seen, waiting to be set free. No one has taken the first step to ride this being or put the animal to good use. Then it happens, because the Lord needs this creature. God often chooses the untried to fill the roles that serve God’s purpose. God uses this donkey to present Jesus as he begins a procession that will lead to a cross and a coming kingdom. 

People expect Jesus to ride into the city gallantly, on the back of a warhorse. Instead Jesus defines his own reign with this humble mode of transportation. This simple, lowly, long-suffering creature demonstrates God’s power through weakness. So get ready for the processional!

A King on a donkey is coming to model servant leadership—not dictatorship.

A King on a donkey comes to symbolize peace—not division.

A King on a donkey is coming for the downtrodden—not the self-important.

This King on a donkey comes to seek and save the lost. The King is coming to you!

As we prepare for the King’s procession, ask yourself, “What am I ready and waiting to do in this season? Where does the Lord need me?” Let us walk alongside Jesus during this Holy Week and begin a journey like never before. May we listen, pray, and respond obediently, for the King is coming to save and transform us. Christ is here to give us a purpose and put us to use. Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord! (v. 38).


What are we ready and waiting to do to bless God in this season?


Shine the light of your Glory through us as we humbly work for you. Amen.

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