1 Corinthians 15:1-8

How do you make something that is meaningful to you meaningful to someone else? At times we struggle to put our deepest truths into words. We want to share those life-giving experiences that have formed us with those who mean the most to us, but how do we do that effectively? 

Read 1 Corinthians this week as Paul’s witness to the story that radically changes his life. See it as his way of helping the people he loves face some of life’s most challenging problems and deepest mysteries. Although it contains a lot of theological reasoning, consider it primarily as Paul’s compelling testimony to the meaning of the living Christ in his daily life and enduring faith.

Paul’s life demonstrates the economy of grace that is basic to the Christian way. First, he receives a heritage and a story he did not invent himself. He takes this gift by faith, letting it form his experiences. Paul lives by the truth of this gospel of grace and discovers it to be a trustworthy guide for life’s routine and an unfailing resource in life’s crises. He confidently shares the meaning he finds in living in the way of Christ with others. As Augustine would later say: “What I live by I impart.”

We too have received a story, a legacy of grace. May we experience its truth fully, live in its love consistently, and know the joy of seeing its transforming power in the people we love.


How did you receive the heritage of faith? To whom are you grateful for introducing you to the way of Christ’s love? To whom do you feel responsible to share its meaning?


Gracious God, deepen my gratitude today for those who showed me the way of Christ’s love. Help me find ways to make what is so meaningful to me meaningful to others for whom I care. Amen.

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