Daniel 6:1-5

“Bloom where you are planted” is easier said than done. Thriving plants—or people—can make blooming appear simple. But it takes resilience to blossom. Consider the pine tree. Notice its stout majesty, its gentle sway on windy days. It must endure drought, insects, sweltering heat, and bitter cold. And when all around it dies, and the days grow short, its green needles make a bold statement.

Daniel is thriving in a strange land under King Darius’ leadership. He quickly distinguishes himself because an excellent spirit was in him (v. 3). Because of Daniel’s faithfulness to the role he was assigned, the king plans to elevate his position from overseeing 120 far-flung satraps to overseeing the whole kingdom. Although Daniel receives this responsibility and its accompanying honor because of his diligence and past success, many grow jealous and plot against him. They evaluate his lifestyle and find no breach in either his commitment to his work or to his God. They could find no grounds for complaint or any corruption because he was faithful, and no negligence or corruption could be found in him (v. 4). 

When people gaze at our lives, do they notice our faithful commitment? Do we realize that faithfulness is the resilience that helps us thrive in challenging circumstances? Daniel’s excellent spirit let him bloom where he was planted. How can we push past the desire to complain about our environment today and commit to faithfully serve in it instead?


How do we stay committed to God and to the place where we are planted? What helps us stay truthful, faithful, and diligent to the tasks to which God calls us?


God, may we experience your beauty as we commit each area of our lives to you. Amen.

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