2 Kings 22:1-7

Have you ever watched one of the “Kid President” videos? “Kid President” is a video series on YouTube starring Robby Novak. His brother-in-law Brad created the series, in which Robby pretends to be the US president, because of his simple belief that kids are worth listening to. Since 2012, Brad and Robby’s videos have focused on a variety of subjects, both funny and serious. Although Robby is young, he speaks wisely. His memorable lines include: “Open your heart more than your mouth”; “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance”; and “Love changes everything. So fill the world with it.” These words have inspired countless people to make their communities better places. And they came from a kid.

How would you feel if Robby became the US president? Would you trust him with that kind of responsibility? Would you trust him to lead our country to do what’s right? That is exactly what the people of Judah did. They made an 8-year-old their king! 

After his father Amon was killed, the people of Judah placed Josiah on the throne. Even though Josiah was young, he was nothing like his dad. Where Amon did what was evil in the sight of God (21:20), Josiah did what was right. He committed himself to serving God and proved this through his financial contribution to complete the work needed for the temple. After enduring a series of terrible kings, the people of Judah knew they must have a different kind of leadership. They found the change that they sought by believing a kid was worth listening to. I wonder what would happen if we did the same.


What unlikely voices are calling you to do the right thing? What can you learn from the young people around you?


God, help us to trust the voices that call us to do what is right in your sight. Even when your message comes from voices we might not expect. Amen.

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