Jeremiah 29:1-7

In 2020, the world was thrust into uncertainty by an unknown illness. The novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, invaded countries all over the world. The virus impacted the physical, economic, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of citizens regardless of social status. Rich, poor, young, and old alike were affected. This viral intruder reshaped our reality. It caused many of us to contend with fear, anxiety, faith, and the future like never before.

An exiled Israel finds itself struggling after being invaded by an intruder that threatens its wellbeing. Jeremiah’s letter to a struggling Israel is not filled with promises of immediate deliverance or quick fixes. Jeremiah conveys God’s instruction for the people of God to build, plant, and develop meaningful relationships, as well as to pray for the welfare of the larger community.

The new reality of 2020 gave birth to creative worship and biblical and community engagement. Virtual worship and Bible studies expanded in new and imaginative ways. Public worship in parking lots and on church grounds was novel but produced good fruit. Houses of worship stepped up and creatively used their grounds to serve the community as virus testing locations and meal providers.

We have the capacity to produce and increase during unexpected, uncertain times. As the people of God, it is important to note what Jeremiah tells us all. Our welfare is tied to the welfare of the larger community.


What is something that I should do that I’ve put on hold because of my uncertainty?


Lord, when we face uncertainty, help us discover ways to be productive in our lives, work, and relationships. Amen.

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