Psalm 145:16-21

I once typed the word “kindness” in the search bar just to see what images the online algorithms would conjure. Up came more hearts than you could imagine: pink hearts, red hearts, purple hearts, hearts with sun rays, hearts at the center of flowers. But also included among those images were a bystander at a bus stop holding his umbrella for a stranger, a man helping an injured hummingbird drink sweet nectar, a toddler giving another toddler a hug. The online algorithm pictured kindness as love in action.

The psalmist pictures God’s love as an active presence. The writer magnifies God’s “mighty acts,” “wondrous works,” and “awesome deeds” (145:4-6). This psalm describes God’s steadfast love with action verbs: The LORD upholds, raises up, satisfies, fulfills desires, stays near to those who call, hears their cries, saves the people and watches over them. The LORD is just in all his ways, and kind in all his doings (v. 17). 

Scripture calls us to not only bask in the joy of God’s love, but also to share it with those around us. Having our hearts full of this love—whether your heart is pink, purple, orange or yellow—is but the first step. We are called to speak of that praise (v. 21), use our hands to help others, and share of what we have. Like the One we worship, our love becomes an active presence.


What expression of God’s love would you like to share with others today?


Dear God, we sing your praise. Your greatness fills our hearts. Help us find ways to share your goodness, show kindness to our neighbors, and tell everyone of your unwavering love and compassion. Amen.

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