1 Kings 19:1-3

Gavin de Becker’s The Gift of Fear teaches the importance of trusting our gut instinct, especially when it comes to assessing dangerous situations. Long before de Becker’s publication date, the prophet Elijah was living out this message. In an incredibly short time span, he goes from being a violent warrior to a fleeing victim.

We may expect more from a biblical prophet like Elijah but remember that he too is human. If we are honest, we know what it is like to feel brave, self-assured, and confident one day, only to wake up the next morning feeling completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.

Although Elijah seems certain of God’s presence and power as he slays the prophets of Baal, the moment he hears about Jezebel’s threats on his life, he flees into the wilderness, far away from anyone who could help him. He even leaves his servant behind. Yet the same God who is with Elijah in his battle is also with him as he flees from the person seeking to avenge that violence.

The truth is that sometimes we get scared and run away; and other times, we stand our ground and stare down our biggest fears. This is one reason why we continually need God, who always seeks us out and never leaves us alone.

Even though Elijah thinks he is running away from everything and everyone, God keeps showing up because God is not finished and neither is Elijah. Elijah is part of a bigger story that God is working out.


When in your life has your fear overwhelmed your trust in God? How did God show up for you?


God, in times of confidence and crisis, remind me that you are always there. Amen.

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