Exodus 16:1-3

Human beings are fickle. Most of us really do mean well, but fatigue and hunger can strike us down and turn us into selves we aren’t proud of. It’s all well and good early in the morning, after a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, as we pack our bags and take off on our spiritual adventure. Sometimes we are so content following other people, we don’t even pay attention to where we’re going. We assume they know the way.

But then evening arrives, and we haven’t even eaten, and our legs hurt, and we’re pretty sure our leaders are lost. Perhaps they were never headed in the direction we all intended to take. So, instead of trying to help and encourage them, or even just stay out of the way so they can think, we whine about how hungry and tired we are. We begin accusing them of getting lost on purpose. We turn on them.

This is what the Israelites do just over a month into their journey out of Egypt. Like the Israelites, we’re great at beginnings. But when we start to fade and the map becomes confusing, we want to go home. We don’t care if we’ll be slaves to that old life. We just want a hot meal and a bed.

At that point, we must stop. Literally stop. We must rest and see to our immediate needs. We must let go of our fears and trust God. Perhaps tomorrow the path will be easier to see.


When you are overcome by weariness and the lack of spiritual nourishment, what could you do to renew your strength and recommit to the journey?


God of our journeys, forgive us when we forget who we are and whom we serve. Give us rest and guide us as we try again to follow your path. Amen.

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