Genesis 1:1-5

The process of beginning can be complicated. I often find it much easier to continue than to begin. To continue simply means taking another step. You know that you have already taken previous ones; you just have to take one more. Continuing means that you are on a roll, you have found your stride, creative juices are flowing, you’re synchronized to a rhythm.

But, beginning.

Beginning is full of hope and anxiety, wonder and fear, certainty and uncertainty. Beginning means the rhythm and synergy has yet to start. What is possible, while highly anticipated, is still waiting to be discovered.

For God, the beginning of The Beginning means a sweeping wind over stirring waters. Other versions of verse 2 describe this beginning as hovering over the surface of the deep (NIV), and a brooding bird soaring over a watery abyss (The Message). The beginning of The Beginning is full of the churning anticipation of what is possible.

And then comes a spark.

A word is spoken, naming light and calling it good.

Light. A fundamental element created to sustain everything that comes next.

I wonder how much time God spent hovering and how long the wind swept and soared before the divine inspiration of creation struck. Such work probably wasn’t marked by minutes or hours, but by the growing anticipation of possibility.


What anticipation of possibility is growing and churning in my soul, waiting for me to begin?


God, fill me with the spark of inspiration, the courage to leap, and the steadfastness to put one foot in front of the other. Amen.

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