Genesis 21:1-3

The story of God’s faithfulness to Abraham and Sarah ranks among the most remarkable in Scripture. It’s the start of a much longer story that I’m drawn into through Jesus, who will descend from Isaac, the first promised child. Reflecting on the birth of Isaac leads me to pray:

O God, who walked and kept faith with Abraham and Sarah, accept my prayer.

Thank you, Lord, for the promise of your guiding presence in my life. You came to me, launched me on my unique life journey, and walk with me even today. Lord, you were with me in those times I failed to notice you. I could not drive you away by neglect, indifference, rebellion, or even disbelief. You stayed.

I confess I often find it difficult to act as if I trust you. Truth be told, when pressured by dangers, caught off guard, or exhausted by long trials, I easily default to taking matters into my own hands. Forgive me.

Even as you did with Abraham and Sarah, you have kept your promise to me. You gave them Isaac, the child of the promise. You give me your ongoing presence, fulfilling the pledge you made long ago when your Son said, “And, remember I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matt 28:20).

Take now my life and make it a blessing to others.


What situations are you facing that offer you the opportunity to trust God, yet also tempt you to take charge and chart your own course? What might help you choose to trust God?


Lord, grant me enough strength and wisdom to trust you at each step in my life journey. Amen.

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