During the campaign everyone is asked to pray and to follow God’s direction in deciding to give over and above their current giving through a sacrificial commitment to give for three years. The following process has led many people to the joy of discovering what God can lead them to give.

PRAY: Seek God’s leadership in determining the specific amount God would have you give. Pray individually and with family, or a close friend.

DISCUSS: With family or a friend, talk about your prayer experiences regarding your gift. Consider what you could change in your financial behavior in order to find the gift that God wants you to give.

PRIORITIZE: Evaluate all the ways you invest your financial resources. What priority should your church and its ministry have at this time?

COMMIT: Trust God to sustain you in your giving decision, just as you trusted God to lead you in this decision. Cheerfully give a gift that has meaning and value for you. “Not equal gifts, but equal joy!”

“Everyone must make up their mind as to how much they should give. Don’t force anyone to give more than they really want to, for cheerful givers are the ones God prizes.” (Alt. II Corinthians, 9:7)