Luke 24:33-35 

Some things just cannot be kept to ourselves. The announcement of a newborn, the picture of an engagement ring, a college acceptance letter, and the report of a baptism are forms of good news that travel through church halls, neighborhoods, and social media newsfeeds.

Cleopas and the other disciple have something incredible to share. Following a day of frustration and sadness on the road to Emmaus, they witness the risen Christ as he breaks bread in front of them. This news just can’t wait until morning, so they immediately get up from the table and head back down the seven-mile road under the darkness and danger of night to find the other disciples and share their story. 

Little do they know that a party is already going on in the upper room back in Jerusalem. The room that was recently full of fear and despair is alive with joy. Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary, and Peter witnessed the empty tomb that morning and now all the gathered disciples know that Jesus fulfilled the words he told them in previous days. Jesus has risen!

As Cleopas and the other disciple enter the room, they must expect to see forlorn faces. Instead smiles and shouts of glee greet them. Nobody can hold back from sharing their testimonies of the resurrection of their Lord as they celebrate together.

Like these disciples in the upper room, may we live today with the joy of Easter. May we make haste and share this good news with our neighbors.


What good news do you have to share? Who may need to hear the good news of Christ from you today?


God, give me the joy of speaking about your good news in my life. Help me humbly celebrate the good news that others offer. And teach me how to boldly share the good news of your presence in the world today. Amen.

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