Psalm 62

Growing up we had three versions of the same kind of game: Sardines, Marco Polo, and hide-and-seek. 

You know the premise of hide-and-seek; Marco Polo is much the same. Someone is “it,” with their eyes closed, trying to find the others, except they say the word “Marco,” and everyone who is hiding (usually in a swimming pool) responds with “Polo.” It continues until the Marco tags the Polo they found by listening for their voices and moving into their vicinity. 

Sardines is a reverse of hide-and-seek. One person is “it,” but they hide while everyone else counts. Then everyone takes off to find the “it” person. When they do find “it,” they join them in their hiding spot. The last person to find everyone becomes the new “it.” 

Three different versions of the same kind of game. It seems like there’s something innate to human nature that we need children to remind us of: we love being found. 

Today’s psalm speaks to the same desire. No fewer than eleven times, the psalmist describes God as salvation, rock, fortress, refuge—all different versions of the same state of existence: being found.

When challenges arise, when we’re experiencing oppression or loss or failure, when we’re afraid, when we’ve lost our way, the psalmist reminds us that we are never really forgotten. Our hope has always been finding ourselves at home in God. Just when we think we’re hidden and God needs to find us, we discover that it was really the other way around all along. God knew where we were; we just needed to keep searching for God. 


How does your need to be found show up in your life?


God, remind us that we are never lost, but always found in you. Amen.

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