2 Timothy 2:20-26

I love the idea of seeing the faithful
as special utensils,
ready for every good work,

tasked with the job of being kindly to everyone.
I imagine God watching 
as people squabble over senseless controversies,
picking up a person of faith like a spatula
and using her to scrape down the sides of the bowl,
encouraging the ingredients in the dough
to incorporate,
rather than separate. 

When our neighbors are fighting
about who erred in using a word,
or believing a thing,
or behaving in this
or that small way,
our purpose in life’s kitchen
is the intolerable job of smiling
at every participant in the swirling controversy,
envisioning what we could make together,
and saying
“I love you!”


Being kindly to everyone seems like a tall order to fill. What helps you get ready for every good work?


God, help us serve you and your world in whatever ways you want to use us. Amen.

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