Galatians 5:22-26

About nine years ago, I got a smart phone. My kids cheered. No longer would I embarrass them by carrying paper maps, and texting would be easier. Within an hour, I’d added Facebook and Instagram and all sorts of other apps. How handy, I thought. 

Now, I know the lure of that handiness. I find myself scrolling at any dull moment—waiting for water to boil or standing in line at the grocery store. It’s only a minute or two, I tell myself. I’ll just check what’s new on the feed. Feed—what a perfect word. 

A quick snack of social media can be satisfying, and even healthy. I can cheer on my friends and family. I can share tough struggles and ask for support. I can discover the needs of others and connect with mutual friends to meet them. But some days my feed gives me heartburn. I find myself judging, envying, and measuring. Is this who I want to be? 

As I read today’s scripture, I see the qualities I want in my life. Peace. Generosity. Self-control. Joy. But these are gifts that are given—not ones we can create ourselves. The Spirit weaves them into our lives as we seek out God.

Perhaps the feed I need most is a holy one. Or maybe this holiness is already present. If God is really everywhere, I should be able to find a trace of God in every scene of my life—in the faces I encounter, in the words people share. How beautiful that as we search for God, God continues creating us, building us up in love.


Where have you seen or heard God this week? Where will you look and listen today?


Dear God, remind me throughout my day that you are close. Help me find traces of you in those I encounter. Amen.

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