2 Corinthians 5:16-17

“Look, Mama, look!” 

Both kids cheer in delight as we walk around our neighborhood. Whether it’s a squirrel climbing a tree, the blue sky, a friend passing by, or a puddle to be jumped in, my children marvel at their surroundings. Their eyes light up when an eagle flies overhead or a friend’s car drives by. They bear witness to creation by really seeing what’s in front of them and by naming it for others to see as well. They want to invite their friends to see what they see and celebrate with them. 

When I’m with my children I am forced to slow down and take my time. I can’t help but smile and see the beauty found in the green leaves or a white, fluffy cloud. It’s in this slowing down that I am able to catch my breath and open my eyes to Christ’s presence. 

The new creation, if I have eyes to see and ears to hear, is all around me. God’s presence shines in the beauty of a sunset, a conversation with neighbors, a smile from a friend, and the laughter of a child. This is what it looks like to know that Christ is in us, that we too, are a new creation. We are full of beauty and worth, marvels of God’s handiwork. As God’s creations we are gifts, precious and loved, testaments to the boundless grace of God. 


Take time today to go outside and marvel at God’s creation. What do you notice? 


God, help me to see your presence everywhere I go. Amen.

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