Luke 2:25-32

Does God still surprise you? 

Every so often I sit back and say to myself, “This is my life, and I’m so thankful for that.” These moments spent reflecting on my journey usually leave me surprised by the events through which God has worked: preaching regularly in a church I dearly love, meeting and marrying my husband, finishing an online Master’s degree in dementia and aging. 

The awe I feel is never planned; it happens on quiet mornings over a cup of coffee or during my lunch break. 

These renewing times remind me of God’s persistent presence, which always invites us to step into new ways of receiving, offering, and becoming blessings. 

What about you? What delightful surprises do you find hidden in your daily living? 

How do you make time to notice God’s ever-present gifts? 

In our fast-paced busyness, I am drawn to Simeon, whose practice of slowly waiting to see God’s promises unfold lasts a lifetime. Here in the temple, a delightful surprise awaits him. Years of shaping his life to look for God culminates in this amazing meeting with Jesus. 

God’s love, that reveals itself through the infant Messiah to this elderly servant, invites us to follow Simeon’s example and make room in our days to notice when God’s surprising grace shows up.


In what spaces of your day do moments of holy wonder show up? How could you help others notice the unexpected blessings that wait for them?


God of wonder, teach me to slow down. Open my day to receive your surprising grace. Thank you for blessings that bring new assurance of your provision and care. Make me attentive to your transforming work in my life. Amen.

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