Galatians 1:6-10

Jake was about six when he and his mother went to the toy store to
buy a birthday present for a friend. He was past the age of constantly
needing to hold his Mom’s hand, but not yet old enough to roam the
store on his own. Before going inside, Jake and his mom talked about
his need to pay attention to her and not wander off. They discussed
“stranger danger.” Both agreed that staying together was important.

But when they entered the store, Jake was immediately distracted.
The model trains chugging around their miniature track were
mesmerizing. To the right were shiny new bicycles without those
dreaded training wheels. On the left was a hands-on area with more
LEGO blocks to play with than Jake had ever seen. The two were soon
separated, and it took time to find each other again. Jake would have
ultimately enjoyed so much more had he focused on his mom and
where she was leading him.

We too have a tendency to lose sight of the One we need to follow. Paul is stunned that the early churches in Galatia are so quickly deserting the one who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel (v. 6). We too can let the bright, new, and shiny distract us from better adventures.

Baptism sets us on a path, but we often find ourselves distracted
from it. We need to remember the better adventures to which we
have been invited. May we remember God’s good news of grace, love,
and forgiveness daily. May we choose to follow.


What bright, shiny thing draws your attention away from living out your baptism? How do you refocus?


God, our patient Parent, when actions and teachings distract us from your better ways, guide us to the path we need to walk. With your grace and love, bring us back into your fold.. Amen.

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