Psalm 119:105-112

Do you struggle with staying focused? So many of us do. Whether general distractedness or a diagnosed neurodiversity is our challenge, tools abound to help us. In my home, we have several people with ADHD. It makes for great fun when we’re playing creative, imaginative games. It makes for a struggle when we’re getting our shoes on for school. We have come to understand that living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder requires some intentional strategies. We have learned what practices cause stumbling and frustration, and which habits allow us to flourish.

One important strategy is to think about our attention. Dr. Amishi Jha has researched the ways we can harness our attention. In Peak Mind, she describes focusing our attention like a flashlight, a mindfulness exercise. She says that when someone can “shine the flashlight of your attention,” our brain is able to prioritize information. Her research tells us that memory making requires us to give attention to a thing.

When I think about the psalmist describing a light and a lamp, I can’t help but think of this “flashlight” idea. Isn’t that our task? We will focus and reorient ourselves by giving attention to God’s law of love. I hear the calling of this psalm to prioritize God’s words of life and to reshape our practices around them. The prayer to incline my heart is a call to shift our attention (v. 112).


How often do you feel distracted and stray from Christian practices (v. 110)? How could the image of a flashlight guide you as you practice your faith?


God who finds us in our distractions and our missteps, incline our hearts to pay attention to how your grace is guiding us. Amen.

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