Hebrews 3:1-6

Houses have stories to tell. As part of a recent move, we have been
house hunting in a new region; many homes in the area have been
around awhile. Some have been updated with new appliances and
energy efficient windows or expanded with sunporches or additional
bedrooms. Some are being sold “as is,” a phrase that implies “a lot
of work.” A few have been renovated with rearranged floorplans, and
others maintain their historic footprint.

Our house in Nova Scotia also came with stories. A house fire,
caused by the backyard BBQ grill, necessitated a complete reno-
vation. A previous family had carefully notched and noted their
children’s growth on a bedroom doorframe, marking their names
in red and blue ink. I was careful not to paint over those names and
dates. They were part of the history of the house.

Don’t you wish you could hear the stories of the homes in which
you have lived? How did the inhabitants before you affect the house
and vice versa? What eras of the world did they witness? By looking
up records of the inhabitants and reading histories of the commu-
nity that came before us, we piece together this puzzle.

What stories of God’s house does your life tell? The writer of Hebrews says that Christ the son was faithful over God’s house and that we are [God’s] house if we hold firm the boldness and the pride inspired by hope (v. 6).

How do we become welcome dwelling places for God? What hopes do we hold for the house of God and what comfort and encouragement will others hear from our stories?


How do our lives show our neighbors and those around us how God makes a home within us?


God, give us the courage to tell the story of how you came to dwell within us, to bring peace and healing to our world. Amen.

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