Luke 12:22-31

As I was graduating high school, I felt especially anxious about making the right decisions. I thought that my choice of a university and a course of study were going to set me on a rigid path for the rest of my life. And what if I was choosing wrong?

I eventually transferred schools and changed majors. And though I use the skills I learned in undergrad all the time, I spend my days at a church office, not a newspaper. Seventeen-year-old Lesley-Ann was excited about climbing a ladder and thought that what she did equaled who she was. At twenty-one years old, Lesley-Ann realized that God was doing something new in her life that was totally outside the box she had prepared. She surprised herself by applying to seminary.

As I prepared to move to Atlanta for school, my new roommate messaged me some grace: “I know it’s hard to leave what’s wonderful now and start over, but just know that God is already working ahead of you, creating a way for you.”

No matter the choices we make, God works through what we plan and what we don’t. We worry easily, but God is always opening the way of belonging and grace to us.

As you create your life each day, practice trusting God. As you can, add in pockets where you can slow down and sink into the Grace that is calling your name. Take a wandering walk. Sit outside and read poetry. Drink water. Drink more water. Eat lunch with someone you love. Get on the floor and play with your dog or your babies. Watch the sunrise. Take a nap. Take time to listen to Grace naming you again. You are enough. Trust that God’s resurrection energy will continue to work within and without you.


How and where is God making you new right now? What things are you worrying about too much that you could release to God?


God, it’s easy to forget you are always ahead of us, preparing our way. Help us to let go of our worries, even just a little bit, and trust you. Amen.

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