Mark 12:41-44

She is a woman. She is poor. She is a widow.

She tosses in, or perhaps just lets go of, all that she has. She is marginalized. This means that she is the very one that God is commanding the people to care for. “Care for the widow, the orphan, the immigrant” is the instructive call from Yahweh, via the prophets. Yet here she is, standing in the temple treasury, giving up all that she has.

Did you know that the poor were not required to give? She is not giving out of obligation. Yet here she is.

She is a woman. She is poor. She is a widow.

What we forget is that God doesn’t need our money. God is concerned about our hearts, what we give and why. Are we giving our lives (all that we are)? Or are we giving out of obligation (that which we can do without)? God isn’t counting what we put in. God is counting what it costs us to give it. 

Are we giving extravagantly? Extravagant generosity, that’s the goal. And that is what this woman does when she gives all that she has. That is extravagant. 

What she gives reflects her commitment to God. And Jesus calls her gift greater than the others because her gift makes a greater impact on her life, and on ours. 


Why do you give? How does your giving affect your life and the lives around you?


God, move in us, that we might see you are worthy of all that we are and all that we have. Teach us that all we are is yours already—every minute, every dollar, every drop of energy, every skill. Help us give in ways that change our lives. Amen.

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