Luke 13:31-33

Undaunted. We should probably associate this powerful word with Jesus more often. Consider all of the obstacles he faces: disciples who don’t understand him and sometimes try to hinder his work; opponents who try to trap him with every question they ask; political forces that want to squelch his movement that sets people free; fickle crowds who cheer him one moment and jeer him another; and individuals with hearts that are hardened to love. Saving the world is no easy task. 

Yet Jesus is undaunted. He demonstrates a firm trust in the goals of his Father, the one he calls Abba. He knows that God’s way, as mysterious, surprising, and frustrating as it can sometimes be, is the only way to live. Jesus commits himself to this path. So despite the many obstacles and threats before him, he remains undaunted. He embraces God’s vision and lives it. 

This passage foreshadows his cross. Twice, he notes the importance of three days. He mentions sacrifice, suffering, death, and life. He will not back down. Why? Certainly he shows trust in Abba’s plans. Love motivates him also—love for God, for God’s people, for you and me. Jesus will not back down. He will remain undaunted. Whatever we face, we have someone in our corner. Nothing will stop this mission of love. 

Not even Herod, that fox, whose threats begin these verses of lament (v. 32). A ruthless ruler, Herod represents the powers of this world that attempt to hinder God. I almost feel sad for brother fox to have his name associated with such a scoundrel. Yet, the undaunted Jesus follows God’s path for Herod’s sake too. Such love. Such amazing grace. We have so much reason to hope in the undaunted Jesus. 


What does the truth of an undaunted Jesus mean for your life? 


Lord, thank you for not backing down and for demonstrating your amazing grace, even for someone like me. Amen.

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