Acts 16:33-34

Homemade trail mix, a French toast casserole, a roasted chicken with potatoes, Quiche Lorraine, a heart-shaped hummingbird cake, baked ziti, soup, and freshly baked bread.

These are just some of the meals and special treats brought to us during times of joy and struggle. Whether it was the birth of a baby, the death of a parent, moving to a new home, or healing from a surgery, our community always seemed to show up with a foil-wrapped dish at just the right time.

Some people become “known” for their best recipes—Richard’s meatloaf, Dorothy’s mint brownies, Carrie’s caramels—and we appreciate more than just the taste of their efforts. We value the time and care poured into each dish or tray. There’s just something about sharing food that not only sustains us but connects us to each other. 

The heavenly feast in Isaiah 25 and the Great Banquet in Luke’s Gospel point us to a time when all will share a table with God. Scripture is full of stories about how Jesus shares food in a variety of settings, showing us that food shared “in the meantime” is a way of bringing heaven near. 

To celebrate his newfound faith, the jailer invites Paul and Silas to his home, sets food before them, and reflects the abundance of joy he discovers in his newfound faith.


Shared food can be food for the soul as much as it is for the body. When you think about meals or special dishes given to you, what food has filled your soul? 


God, thank you for the ways our meals “in the meantime” nurture and sustain our bodies and souls. Amen.

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