Acts 9:13-16

Even though God is the one who tells him to go find Saul, Ananias is more than reluctant to embrace this assignment. He has heard from many about this man, how much evil he has done, and he is naturally
skeptical (v. 13). 

How could such a determined persecutor of the church suddenly become a convert? How could Saul possibly be ready to be God’s ambassador of the gospel to Jews and Gentiles alike? None of this makes sense to Ananias. God has to twist his arm to make the necessary visit. 

This chapter tells two conversion stories. Not only is Saul being converted, so is Ananias, who must undergo a change in attitude and outlook before he can carry out the charge God gives him. Although he is a devoted disciple of Christ, Ananias, like Saul, is still in process. He still wrestles with the realities of prejudice, bias, and fear. Such attitudes feed his reluctance to reach out to the future apostle. Ananias needs another round of transformation.

Ananias’s experience underscores our own need to be continually renewed. No matter how long we have been devoted to the way of Jesus, we will never arrive at perfection this side of eternity. We each harbor attitudes and perspectives that require renovation. To uncover what these are, we must ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions. Whom do we resist engaging? Whom are we reluctant to reach out to? Whom do we fear?


When was the last time I engaged someone whose outlook and perspective was markedly different from my own?


Merciful God, just as you are in Christ reconciling the world to yourself, make me an instrument of your reconciliation. Amen.

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