2 Kings 23:1-3

I imagine the conversation going something like this:

Shaphan: Your Majesty, did you hear us? Huldah, the prophet speaking on behalf of God, said there’s no hope for the people of Judah. For generations we have turned our backs on the Lord and made offerings to other gods. God is angry, and we are destined for disaster. There’s no point to all of this! Why are you going to make everyone in Judah travel to the temple and listen to you read the book of the law? It’s irrational to think this will help. Nothing you do now will change our fate. It’s. Too. Late. 

King Josiah: Yes, Shaphan, I hear you. But we don’t obey God for the rewards we may gain from it. We don’t obey because we’re afraid of God’s judgment either. We obey God because that’s what having faith in God means. Yes, God is angry at the years and years of disobedience and self-indulgence. Yes, the people of Judah may be looking into the darkness of destruction. But when you have faith in God you obey and worship, regardless of what will happen in the future. So, let’s head to the temple. Today, the people of Judah will renew their commitment to the Lord.

Shaphan: [Silence] [Reluctantly] Alright. Lead the way. 

We’ll never know if a conversation like that ever happened. But I do think King Josiah imparted great wisdom to the people of Judah. And followers of Christ have much to learn from this king. We praise and obey regardless of what lies before us. On this Thanksgiving Day, whether it is celebratory for you or a day you’re just trying to get through, hear the wisdom of Josiah and spend time worshiping God. 


How do you express your faithfulness to God? Why?


God, thank you for the words of wisdom we find in Scripture. May we take them to heart and let them guide our path. Amen.

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