Exodus 12:43-50

I started working with the youth praise band at my church a few years ago. When I started, we had five singers in a seven-person band. Four of the singers were seniors with big personalities. They sang loudly and confidently, always ready for the spotlight. The final singer was a shy high school freshman who stayed in the background.

For that first year, she never sang out or even held her microphone up. When I would ask her about the band, she said it was okay for the other girls to take the lead because they were better singers. It broke my heart that she felt that way. 

The next year, the other four singers graduated. I didn’t know if our quiet little freshman, who was now a sophomore, would be able to take the lead. She started off slowly, but as she continued to learn and practice, she blossomed. Without having to compete with anyone else, she gained confidence. I’ll never forget that first week when she belted out a song in front of the whole group. It was beautiful. God had given her the right gifts. She just needed the space to flourish.

When God first calls to Moses, he doesn’t think he can lead the people. He worries about not speaking well. He’s afraid the people won’t follow him. But as today’s passage attests, Moses flourishes in the space God gives him. All the Israelites did just as the LORD had commanded Moses and Aaron (v. 50). God provided the space and time for Moses to serve. And God can use each of us if we simply answer the call and step into the space God creates for us.


Where might God be making space for you to serve?


God, open my eyes. Help me see the places where I can serve you and others. Amen.

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