2 Samuel 7:23-26

While having some repairs done on our kitchen sink, one of the workers asked me what I did, so I told him I was a pastor. Then he wanted to know what I was preaching on the upcoming Sunday.

“It’s about the power of friendship. We make friends, but our friends end up making us,” I said. “It’s so important to have one or two close friends when times are hard.” When he didn’t respond, I asked, “Do you have people like that?”

After a long pause under the sink, he quietly said, “I don’t have one person like that. I used to, but my work keeps me pretty busy. I haven’t had a close friend in years.” 

One of the ironies of our culture is that even though we are more connected than ever through the internet and social media and telecommunications and transportation, we have an epidemic of loneliness in our world. A significant percentage of American adults report feeling lonely on a daily basis.

We all need vital friendships. David needed Jonathan. Paul needed Silas. Even Jesus needed Peter, James, and John. And God wanted a people that would be God’s own.

David knows that God’s promise is not just to make him a great leader, but to make Israel a great people. They would be a nation set apart, through which God’s blessing would be given. As the people lived under God’s providence and reign, God’s name would be magnified. 

An old Zambian proverb says, “When you run alone, you run fast. But when you run together, you run far.”

When God makes a promise to bless you or to fulfill a purpose in you, God always supplies people to support you. Trust that God will bring caring, helpful people into your life. Then, lean into those relationships.


Who are your closest friends? What makes them special to you?


God, thank you for being near to me. Help me invest in the relationships that you provide and help me become the kind of friend I want to have. Amen.

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